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Wix website design services


Wix Website Design

Wix Website Design Agency that provides best wix web design services by the top experts in market

Are you looking for professional Wix website design services? But you’re unfamiliar with Wix website design cost?

Worry not!!! We have vetted experts in Wix website design and development. We’ll design a highly converting Wix website design for you that’ll boost your sales and conversions up to 10 times without you spending thousands of dollars on paid ads!

So, get our WIX website design services today and relieve yourself of all the worries! 


Certified Wix Website Design Agency

We’re a certified Wix website design agency that vows to provide you with results beyond perfection.

Immense/Huge amount of Experience

We have designed 2000+ landing pages, blogs, ecommerce stores, and funnel websites on   WIX for our clients all over the world so there’s no question of experience.


With our creative and affordable WIX website creation and maintenance services we assure  a website with a responsive, convertible, innovative, and customizable design.


We have more than 98% of Client Satisfaction


All our rates are affordable and provide the best value the market has to offer. See our prices



Responsive WIX Website Design

According to research, mobile searches in 2021, accounted for a total of 63 percent of organic search engine visits. Therefore, to have a responsive website in this era is a must.


What is website responsiveness?

A responsive website is such a website that is developed and designed in a way that optimizes itself automatically according to the size of the screen of the user. 

Responsive WIX Website Design


How we can help?

We, at WixPatriots, are well aware of these market trends and promise to provide you with not only the best but also the most responsive website design. 

Let it be a mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, or any device at all! With our device-friendly design on the display, not only the user can easily interact with your website but the search engines will love it as well! 

WIX Website Redesign

WIX Website Redesign

It is common for people to not get any sales, conversion, or user retention when their website structure is not good. For this, we are here to cover your website structure updating with our WIX website redesigning service

We will cover and provide you with all things you need in the updated version of your website. If you have any color scheme, layout idea, or any specific information according to your niche or business, we will adjust and
redesign your website according to it under our service and terms of the agreement.



 At the current time there are more than 5.3 billion unique mobile phone users! 

Hence to have your website, web store, or blog grow around the world it needs to be responsive and must be optimized for mobile devices. 

We have got this covered as well! With our Mobile Design Optimization Service, we will optimize your WIX website design for all mobile devices.

We have in store a collection of 1000+ convertible user-friendly WIX website templates for all types of businesses, stores, and blogs, all waiting for you!

You are just a click away from a great beginning!


Come on, take a step! We will transform it into a wonderful journey!

Wix mobile optimization


With our WIX certified leadership and a team of experts we can promise you to fully model customized ecommerce stores, sales funnel, and drop shipping Store for your website.

No stopping here! We can also take care of all types of payment integrations, product base designing as well as development for you. With our customized WIX website design service, you can easily sell your product on any social platform along with targeted organic reach and ad campaigns.



Wix Online Store Creation

Research indicates that by the year 2040, 95% of the sales will be through ecommerce. Therefore, each and every store is now trying to

get its business online. 

One thing to note is that It is simple to create an online store like it is simple to create a hot dog shop. But to get more sales, buyers, customers, and users you need to know how to convert your pawnshop into a superstore. And for that, we are here for you!

With our customized WIX store design, you will receive your online store adjusted for local or international audiences as per your requirements allowing you to generate more conversion and sales

from your community. 

You just need to tell your niche, community, and target audience to get your business online.

The rest is our job.



With Google’s Page Experience Update, the website loading speed counts more than anything! It's even more important when you are running a service website or an ecommerce store.

If you have an ecommerce store that makes $100,000 in one day then just a
one-second page load delay can cost you a $2.5 million loss in sales in a year! YES! It matters THIS MUCH!

We have always been focused on providing our clients with the best! And so with Google’s update, we have updated our services as well!

Our WIX website speed optimization service will allow you to get rid of all these issues. So, hit us up, and let's upshoot your website speed right now!.



If you want to generate more sales and leads for your online website, the best way to do it is to optimize your website in terms of SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website for boosting its ranking in various search engines like Google.

We have always been the believer for you to sit back and relax, rather than finding your customers, let your customers find you.
Our SEO services include product optimization, On-Page, technical, and Off-Page SEO. This will ensure a massive increase in generating more sales from organic leads.

Not only this, but our SEO experts also take perfect care of your online website SEO setup. Along with these, we also provide SEO consultation service and customer support. 

Therefore, with us at the back, you will have your web store and website ranking on the first page of Google! No strings attached!!



Let it be the new content being uploaded on your website, the new updates by Google, or some bugs affecting your website. It's always a good practice to keep your website up to date.

We at WixPatriots understand this need of yours as well. With our WIX design maintenance and up-gradation service, we will manage all the updates, maintenance, and settings you need to further process your WIX website design and development. 

Our team of expert developers and designers work round the clock to ensure the best performance of your website and to guide you better as to what is the best possible way to deal with any upgrade. 

Not only this we will also provide you with customer and development support so if you wish to reverse the website upgrading you can do it with our help easily.

Wix maintenance and upgradation


wix blog creation

 If you are aiming to create your blog on WIX or looking for some Informative WIX website design service then you are at the right place!

From creating your website to designing it according to your blogging niche we provide complete care for your website from scratch! We are also well aware of all the market trends. 

With our expert and specialized team of UI/UX WIX designers and developers, you can have your dream site ready in just a matter of time! 

Not only this! Our well-optimized AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) WIX website design will be the swiftest to load! This will allow your users to experience the best result in just a fraction of a second and will also serve in shooting the user retention as well as blog ranking of your website.



In current times, bringing any business to a global level via the internet may look easy, but trust us, this road is full of bumps and cracks. 

It is common for business owners to face these bumps in the form of website errors, server issues, speed fluctuation, and structural loopholes. 

Taking these into account, we have our WIX website error fixation service. Our service tackles all these errors and troubleshooting problems. Hence, you can easily get rid of these issues or if you wish then you can also use our WIX website design consultation service.
With this assistance of ours, we will guide you in the best possible way you can resolve your problems. 
So hit us up, as you are already pretty close to solving your problem!

Wix error fixation service



When it comes to Wix, it's just a drag and drops editor in most cases. WordPress on the other hand is not that easy to use. 

So, are you looking to transfer your website from WordPress to Wix?

Our WIX website conversion service is all you need!

You just need to provide us with some information we need and your work will get done according to your demands. Not only this, the fluctuations that occur while changing the platforms, we will also take care of them.

From redesigning your website, categories creation, homepage designing to your blog adjustment! We will completely ensure that everything’s all good and running.

Wordpress to wix Transfer


wix website privacy service

When it comes to operating a website, its privacy policy is of vital importance. If not carefully written, it might even result in some legal dispute or proceedings as well.

Keeping in view these aspects, we provide a privacy service as well. In this service of ours, we ensure that your privacy policy is written carefully, abiding by all the necessary rules, and is also easy to read. 
We also verify that all our
website structural adjustment and configuration is good to get along with your local community.

This allows you to freely provide your services without any disturbance either from your client or the local community as far as the website structure and its privacy policy are concerned. 




When it comes to building an online presence, It is important that all your social media platform pages are aligned with your WIX website design. 

When a user moves from your WIX website to a social media page and the overall color scheme, covers, pictures, and logos are in the same structural configuration, it not only creates a sense of brand for the user but is also user friendly. 

Our WIX website design social media service is here to take care of the logo creation, cover creation, profile creation, and configuration,  all ensuring that your website structure and social pages receive a user-friendly brand structure overall.

In starting on the agreed terms of the agreement we can also provide you with the WIX website SMO (Social media optimization) service, which can give an extra edge to your brand creation.

Wix social media setup service


When it comes to engaging your audience about the new services or maybe products you have to offer, who's the one that wanna miss out?

Therefore, understanding this need of yours, we have our Wix website email marketing service. Our email marketing for your website is done by connecting your WIX contacts to your Mailchimp, Constant Contact,

Get Response, or any email marketing service account according to your own choice. 

With this, you can directly approach your user with any product, service, or blog update ensuring its retention and thus creating Website brand authority.

•         Information Technology

•         Management Services

•         Beauty & Care

•         Legal

•         Real Estate

•         Tourism Industry

•         Hotel and Restaurant

•         Visa Consultation Services

•         Gaming Industry

•         Transport and Cargo Service

•             Health Care
•             Pharma Industry
•             Fitness and Bodybuilding
•             Photography, Cinematography and Video Designing Service
•             Events Management
•             Psychological and Spiritual Category
•             Cleaning Company
•             Educational Institutions
•             E-Learning Service Provider
•             E-commerce and Drop-shipping Industry


Wix Website
Design Services Features

Wix website service features

 When you are taking service from any agency or company it is normal to expect good results. But when it comes to our agency, WixPatriots, we are always committed to providing at least extraordinary results to our clients. Good results are not what our customers expect and not what we provide. It's always extraordinary or above!

Our WIX website design services provide you with a complete customized WIX website setup. If due for some reason you are not satisfied, you can ask us to readjust it with our customer support under the agreed terms and conditions. 
We make certain to cover each and every aspect for your business with our design configuration and reconfiguration service. You can choose any color scheme, template, structure, and design for your website setup and we will turn it into practice for you. 

Just take a step with us!
We will transform it into your best business journey initiative!


Full WIX Website Design Setup Service

 When you are taking service from any agency or company it is normal to expect good results. But when it comes to our agency, WixPatriots, we are always committed to providing at least extraordinary results to our clients. Good results are not what our customers expect and not what we provide. It's always extraordinary or above!

Our WIX website design services provide you with a complete customized WIX website setup. If due for some reason you are not satisfied, you can ask us to readjust it with our customer support under the agreed terms and conditions. 

We make certain to cover each and every aspect for your business with our design configuration and reconfiguration service. You can choose any color scheme, template, structure, and design for your website setup and we will turn it into practice for you. 

Just take a step with us!
We will transform it into your best business journey initiative!



WIX Website Hosting & Domain Setup

If you are worried about what brand name to choose or which housing is the best for you, then you can relax now!
Our team of experts is here to put you out of your turmoil! 
The domain name and brand name conciliation is one factor that leaves a deep impact on your customer’s mind. Therefore, choosing a common yet unique and catchy name can turn your path easy towards your brand creation. 

Not only this, selecting the best hosting plan for your website taking into account what type of business you hold is of vital importance as well. 

But no worries! With our WIX Website Hosting and Domain Setup Service, you can take your hat off and relax, while we will get your business WIX website ready for generating sales for you. 
Also, It is important to start early when you are aiming to create a brand because who knows? Somebody might buy your domain name before you.  

So get started right away and take your business to a whole nother level.

 Google Analytics and Search Console Integration

Google Analytics and search console is a must-have for a website. From providing live website performance to indicating errors of your website, these two cover all the aspects of your website and the interesting thing is that these are all free to use!

So, why miss out on your website?

With our services, we also integrate and set up the Google Search Console and Google Analytics keeping in view your website niche and structure. 

It's important to have a business specification because it makes things easy for Google to understand and SERP ranking.


Product and Page Creation

A lot of platforms are restricting their service to one-time Website designing, but our WIX website design service allows our customers to direct specific page and product category creation in our service. 

Under the agreed terms of the agreement, the client can order to create as many pages he wants for his website!.


For high ticket products, we have a special WIX funnel creation service and WIX sales funnel experts with certified leadership. 

You just need to tell us what you need and we will do it for you.

Map & Location Integration

Most businesses nowadays are aiming to create an online identity and without a clear address and location on the map, it doesn’t seem fair. 

Our developers and designers will figure out the best structure for your location adjustment on a map, so your client can have a clear idea in his mind where your store is located. 

For those who are targeting the local community, we are also providing local SEO services for ecommerce businesses and local stores. With our service at hand, you can better guide your client where you are located and how to get there.


And Cookie Law

Nowadays, user permission for email marketing, cache creation, or any marketing purpose has become extremely important. It is important to understand the user privacy and permission protocol. 

With GDPR compliance form creation you can create a little checkbox on your checkout page for users to confirm they give complete consent to receive emails from you. 

Our WIX website designers and developers will also tackle this issue of General Data Protection Regulation and Cookies Law Compliant protocols, you just need to provide what we need for it and we will get it done for you.

Website Social Media Integration

For anyone who wants to create a real brand, social media presence is a must. 

Along with providing you with a website design for your website, we also make sure that your social media pages get a user-friendly brand structure in alliance with your WIX website design.

We can also provide you with SEO and SMO services according to the agreed terms. 


Security and Privacy Protocol

 With the increasing online attacks on websites and breaches, it is important to have your website secure and follow the privacy protocol.

With our service, we provide you with all the WIX security services and privacy protocols you need to run your business online. 

We provide you with:

Business policy review 
Secure CDN
SSL certification
Good hosting and domain configuration setup
With us helping you, your website is secure and we assure you there will be no legal issues in your business.


Form and Customer

 What's the point of a business if the user can't even contact you for buying something or for some other info? 

Along with our designing services we also create the website contact support page so your client can easily approach you if he is facing any issue or wants to strike some business deal with you. 

We will take care of all the technical work making things easy for you and your client. Our website technical service team will adjust things according to your demand and business structure. 

In the online business world, communication is the ground on which you are standing, without that is nothing to stand.



We chose  Wix Patriot Designer to design our website as it was clear from their proposal that they understood our business and exactly what we wanted to achieve and they offered us a cost effective website that perfectly fitted our needs.


 Wix Patriot was very helpful and professional in delivering my website design thank you! I was very happy with the finished product and all the designs were very professional and also the logo! Thanks again I would definitely recommend 🙂


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