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How To Change Your Wix Template | A Step-By-Step Guide

Updated: Jan 13

Change your Wix template by logging into your account and clicking on 'My Sites'. You can click 'Templates' to explore and select a new one.
Change Your Wix Template

Almost 3.6% of the web uses Wix, making it one of the most popular website builders. It is a powerful and easy-to-use platform for creating dynamic websites.

Once you’ve made the basic changes in Wix template, you can start personalizing your template with images and other design elements.
Wix Template

Whether you're looking to build a professional portfolio or create an online store, Wix has all the tools you need. Best of all, it's easy to customize your site with a wide range of templates. If you want to make changes to your Wix template, it's a simple process that is easy and straightforward.

You can easily customize your Wix template to create a unique, professional website that reflects your style. However, you should ensure you understand how the template editor works and what options are available.

In this blog, we will provide you with practical steps that you can take to switch up the look of your site without losing any of your existing content or data.

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Table Of Contents

1. Create A New Site With A New Template

2. Transfer All Your Content From The Existing Site To The New Site

3. Customize Your New Template

4. Preview Your Site

5. Publish Your Site



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1. Create A New Site With A New Template

Wix offers hundreds of creative website templates that you can use to create a site quickly and easily. To change your business templates or personal website templates, simply start from scratch by creating a new Wix site with the template of your choice.

Wix website templates are a great way to build a website. With hundreds of designs, users can pick the template they want as per their needs.
Wix Website Template

To do this, click the "Create New Site" button on the Wix dashboard. You can then browse all available Wix templates or search for one with a specific keyword. When you have found the template you want to use, simply click "Create Site," and your new event website template or any other one will be generated with your chosen template.

Creating a new Wix site is an easy, step-by-step process to design a brand-new website. Log into your Wix account and click on 'Create Site'.
Create A New Wix Site

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2. Transfer All Your Content From The Existing Site To The New Site

Once you've created your new Wix site, it's time to transfer all the content from your existing site to the new one.

How To Change Template Of Site In Wix?

You can copy and paste the text from your previous site into the text boxes on your new site. Alternatively, you can use the "Import" feature to quickly transfer content from your old mobile website template or any other one into the new one.

If you have any images on your old site, you can use the "Import" feature to transfer them to the new site.

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3. Customize Your New Template

Once you've transferred all your content from your old site, it's time to customize it and make it fit your new template.

After selecting the Wix template you want, click ‘Edit Site’ to begin customizing it with features and content according to your requirements.
Customize Your Wix Template

Wix makes this process easy with the help of its drag-and-drop builder, which allows you to quickly move elements around and create the perfect website template for your needs.

To further customize your site, you can use Wix Editor tools to add elements such as contact forms, galleries, and maps. You can also select different colour schemes, fonts, and backgrounds for the various sections of your site.

4. Preview Your Site

Before you publish your new Wix website template, it's important to preview what it will look like to ensure everything is as it should be. To do this, simply click the "Preview" button at the top of your site editor, and you will be able to see what it looks like from both a desktop and mobile perspective.

Switching A Wix Template For Another One?

It is essential because it gives you a chance to make sure that all the elements of your design look as they should and that all the content is displayed properly.

5. Publish Your Site

Once you've previewed your site and are happy with the changes, it's time to publish it live! All you have to do is click the "Publish" button, and your new website template design will be ready for the world to see.

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Wix offers a range of features and tools for creating websites according to your requirements. Changing your Wix template can be a simple and effective way to give your website a fresh look and feel.

Building your website with Wix is a simple process. Whether you want to create a basic website or something more complex, Wix makes it easy.
Wix Website

With the above-mentioned steps, you can easily switch up the design of your site without losing any of your existing content or data. So get creative and give your website a makeover.

How To Change Template In Wix 2023 | Switching Wix Template

With Wix, you can create a stunning website with an engaging design that will capture visitors' attention and help your business reach new heights.


1. How do I change my Wix template?

To change your Wix template, go to the Dashboard and click on the “Create New Site” button. Select your preferred option and click “Next” to see the Wix Editor with your new template ready to edit. You can also switch back to an existing template if desired.

2. Can I customize a Wix template?

3. Can I change the theme of my site on Wix?

4. How do I redesign an existing website template?

5. How do I update my website design?

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